Why does my garage door gets off-track (guide)

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You may be wondering, why did my garage door come off track, what are the reasons for the malfunction of my garage door? why is my garage door not opening as it should? and why all the noise when I try to open or close my garage door. There are some reasons why your garage door is faulty and off track , it might be worn out rollers, a huge impact to the back or front of the garage door, an obstruction in the railing or a broken cable which is caused by wear and tear after a long time of being operational.
Garage doors live a simple life really, up, down, up, down, over and over again till they just can't take it anymore and they stop working like they used to. When your garage door is off track you need to exercise some cautions around it, don't allow kids or pets around it until it gets fixed, don't try to force it open or close, what you need is a garage door service, garage door repair and also you need to know a garage door repair near you.

Garage Door Services

There are lots of reasons why a garage door may be off track
1. The garage door cables breaking due to wear and tear and years of usage, the cable typically breaks on one side and makes the garage door to tilt to one side and leaves it unbalanced

2. The garage door been hit by a large object like a car, most of us have had this experience of hitting smashing the car into the garage for various reasons, sometimes you're too much in a hurry to get to work because you overslept and try to dash out and you didn't let the finish sliding up then you crash into it, while some of us completely forget to open the garage door and just crash into it, leaving the door off track

3. Bad rollers which are caused by wear and tear and also years of use can cause the doors to go off track. Bad rollers can also make the cables jump off due to the door not being able to properly roll on it's tracks

4. Frozen garage door which happens on those cold days when you need the garage doors to open up and close really quickly, but unfortunately those are the days when moisture and cold make everything really difficult, the garage doors might stick to the garage floor and refuse to open up when you hit the opener button, and you might think the more you hit the button that it will somehow magically open up, instead you will cause a bigger damage to the garage door openers, which will cause the doors to go off track, what you need to do is either use a hair dryer or a heat gun to melt the ice, after you've done that you should clear the water and ice underneath the doors, so next time you won't have such problem.

Like I stated earlier a garage door that is off track is dangerous and highly unstable, do not try to manually open it up, or some of us who get pissed my start kicking it, that is not advisable, what you need to do is some garage door servicing, if you're skilled in that aspect you might bring out your tools and get to work, but it's advisable you call in the professionals for a proper servicing of your garage doors to make sure everything is professionally taken care of.

Garage Door Repairs/Replacement

Garage door repairs are different from servicing of garage doors, garage door servicing is done when some rollers went off track or one of the cables broke, but for a repair the damage is much worse like a garage door that has fallen off, or bashed by a car or both of the cables have broken off and it needs to be replaced and repaired from the scratch, there are still other reasons to repair or replace your garage doors
A new garage door will immediately transform the look of your house and how it appears to neighbors, modern garage doors come in different styles and colors, with different options available you can turn the look of your house into something more majestic, this is especially the case where the old garage door was out of date and completely worn out.

Time And Maintenance

Another reason of repairing or replacing your old garage door is that it will reduce the time and money you spend on servicing and maintaining your old garage door, the replacing of rollers and cables will be a thing of the past and you can finally have peace of mind.

Home Value

One good reason to either repair or replace your old and worn out garage door is that a new or perfectly working garage door significantly increases the market value of your house if you want to sell. If you have an old and worn out the garage door, putting up a new garage door or repairing the old and worn out one will certainly impress potential buyers and of course, the market value will certainly go up.


When you repair your old and worn out garage doors, be sure they install the latest version of security systems available, by upgrading your garage door you're also ensuring the security of anything you store in your garage. Older garage doors are much easier for thieves to penetrate, but an upgraded garage door is much more secure and will be more difficult for a thief to break into, to ensure the safety of your car while you sleep, best if you repair and replace those old garage door and upgrade to the latest versions technology can offer.

Garage Door Repair Near You

If you need to service, repair or replace your garage door, it is best to call a professional near you, that's why you need us at www.phoenix-express-garage-door.com to handle all issues relating your garage doors from servicing to repairs and replacement, contact us today and we will turn your garage into something you will be proud of.
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One of the essential components of our residential home is garage door. Regardless of your location, a garage door spec varies from one person to another based on the need as well as the level of humidity in the area they live in. However, generally speaking, garage doors have identical functions, which include safeguarding your property from corrosion brought about by natural causes, adding value to your property and offering a stronger layer of security for your house. Owing to these benefits of garage doors, their demand from homeowners is on the increase.

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You may be wondering, why did my garage door come off track, what are the reasons for the malfunction of my garage door? why is my garage door not opening as it should? and why all the noise when I try to open or close my garage door. There are some reasons why your garage door is faulty and off track , it might be worn out rollers, a huge impact to the back or front of the garage door, an obstruction in the railing or a broken cable which is caused by wear and tear after a long time of being operational.
Garage doors live a simple life really, up, down, up, down, over and over again till they just can't take it anymore and they stop working like they used to. When your garage door is off track you need to exercise some cautions around it, don't allow kids or pets around it until it gets fixed, don't try to force it open or close, what you need is a garage door service, garage door repair and also you need to know a garage door repair near you.
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How to maintain a garage door? 

Maintenance of garage doors is particularly popular with garage owners, as they convince with their versatile use and attractive appearance. So that you can enjoy the characteristics of your garage door for a very long time, you should regularly clean, maintain and maintain your sectional door. So you promote the longevity of the gate and get the entire system. We have summarized a few tips that you should take into consideration. For the correct care and maintenance, the respective series and the condition of the door should always be observed. Tempe garage door repair is very well experienced in garage door repairing.

But not only has that depended on a good maintenance. There are several factors to consider, such as the type of door, the type of material, the weather, the existence or not of certain insects, etc. All this is not an obstacle to try to synthesize and give some general guidelines for the conservation of your garage doors.

We enclose some important, and great tips explain in detail in the following section.

- Lub the door every six months:

Lubrication is required. Make sure that the door does not grind and check all friction systems such as hinges lock and latch to avoid wear and noise problems. The key parts to grease are the above and those areas where the engine and the door turn. Thus, they will remain greased and will not dry in excess by going the softer mechanisms.

The greasing points are those where the engine and the door turn, sliding doors would try to engage the pinion, the upper rollers, and the wheels. For hinged doors grease the hinges, the 2 engine catches, the lock and the latch if it had. Never remove a motor to grease its interior, grease inside and do not enter the dirt; As long as you have to dismantle the engine for any reason, we advise you to speak with a specialist. Tempe garage door repair has all the solution related to garage doors maintenance.

- Check the state of the doors:

With the passage of time the springs can become dirty and rust. Also with the use, they have to lose force, and when they exceed their useful life, they can be broken. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to clean and lubricate them. In addition, it is very important to check the tension of these and if necessary adjust it and especially check that the anti-break system spring works properly. In addition, the ideal thing is to check the maneuvers that the door carries in the engine in order to preventively replace the springs before they reach the end of their useful life.

If your garage has folding doors, garbage can accumulate in the lower part where the hinges are located and the door may not close properly. In the tilting doors, it is necessary to ensure that when we pour oil to grease does not produce the opposite effect and rather than grease what it produces are jam and hardness. Tempe garage door repair is offering the finest services.

- Avoid water and moisture:

Especially, if the control panel is leaning against the wall, In this case, it is necessary to ensure that no water enters the cables or the holes that hold it with screws. Tempe garage door Repair has an expert team for garage door repairing.

- Check Insects and Rodents:

Insects and small animals like lizards, mice, can penetrate into the box looking for the heat generated by the current transformer that these carry. This is often the case with sliding door motors that are placed on the floor and many times the installation has left the cable entry below free.

- Monitor the electrical plate- It should be fixed on it to see if the relays work or are some deteriorated by the use:

While the engine is running, it will check that the switch and its components are not blown. Also, we cannot forget the springs, and we have to observe that these are not oxidized. The best procedure to treat them is that a specialized technician applies oil on them and checks their tension.

- Coatings for protection against environmental influences:

From time to time, you should equip your garage door with a new protective coating. On the one hand, this provides protection against severe environmental pollution, such as a salt-bearing sea climate or changes in air stress, and secondly, small damage to the paint is compensated. And if you are looking for a change of scenery, then you can paint your goal in this color with a different color. Usually, sectional doors are provided with a polyester base coating, which can be simply painted over with a protective coating.

If you take these tips to heart and do the maintenance on a regular basis, you will be able to enjoy your garage and the sectional door for many years. Tempe garage door repair provides the best repairing service.

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Your garage door might be responsible for just a small, random task that you perform. And that is that when you are about to leave or enter your house with your beloved vehicle of choice. Though garage doors are responsible for just a simple task, have you ever wondered what mechanical trick goes behind their smooth flow of movement.


Here at Phoenix Garage Door Repair , we give you all the information you might need when you are ought to get your garage door repair.


Types of Systems

So basically, there are two types of garage door systems that are both supported by the helping force of springs. Your garage door works because of a counterbalance technique that acquires a force to actually counterbalance a weight which in this case is your garage door. The two spring systems are:

§Extension Spring System

§Torsion Spring System


So let's talk about the more common method here shall we that is the Torsion Spring System


Torsion Spring System and Repair

Torsion springs plays the most important role each and every single time you tend to open or close your door.


How does a Torsion Spring System Work?
Just like any spring that you might have seen, torsion springs too, store a mechanical force of energy that tightens them. They store the energy by using a rotating or twisting motion. Normally mounted horizontally above the opening area of your garage door, torsion springs are attached to cables. When you pull the door downwards, the cables that are attached to the bottom corners forcibly result in the springs to wind that thus energizes the system.

Similarly, when you are to open the garage door, the energy is transferred to the door as the springs unwind causing the door to lift up and allowing you to easily open the door.


Advantages of Torsion Springs

The benefit of garage door torsion springs over standard type of springs is that because torsion springs are made of denser material, they tend to store more energy as compared to their substitutes.


Why do Garage Door Torsion Springs require repairing?
Although, an average garage door torsion spring will last a long time - 5 to 7 years to be approximate - the cycling up and down of the door leads to the weakening of the steel in the springs causing the springs not to lift the door anymore. The springs break with time leaving your garage door closed unable to be opened.


Torsion springs also wear out due to rust and unsuitable weather conditions which can also cause them to weaken and break.

Therefore concluding, we would just like to present a warning to all garage door owners that don’t try to tend to your garage door if the torsion spring has broken. Just let us know and our expert garage door repair service will be there to take a look at your door safely and securely.

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Safety sensors are highly important and are mandatory for any garage door opener installed in these days.
Getting safety sensors can be considered as the best method available for you to enhance the safety of your garage doors. Usually, garage doors that you can find in today’s world are being provided with two different safety sensors. These two sensors are positioned on both sides of the door, towards the ground. These sensors continuously talk to each other through an infrared beam. This infrared beam is a straight line, which goes from one end of your garage door to another end. When an object trespasses the straight line, the security system would be triggered.
The garage door safety sensors should be aligned properly in order to make them invisible when your garage door is up. In addition, this would assist you to make sure that the space in between the two sensors is clear before you close the garage door. When the sensors trigger, it would immediately notify the garage door to stop closing. This can assist you to ensure the protection of pets, people, vehicles or other objected that could get wandered in.
From the recent studies, it has been identified that a lot of accidents that take place at homes are associated with garage doors. When you get garage doors installed, you would get the opportunity to stay away from this risk. These sensors can prevent your garage door from closing when a pet, person or another object comes into the path of the moving door. In addition, you will be able to provide enhanced protection to your vehicle from accidental closures of the garage door.
As you can see, a life happens around the garage door. Therefore, it is important for you to pay special attention towards the proper maintenance of the safety sensors. The safety sensors are equipped with infrared beam emitters, which are considered as the eyes of these units. These sensors are properly aligned with each other. However, they can get off balance due to some reason. For example, a cobweb could interrupt the eyes of your garage door safety sensors. That’s the main reason why you need to pay attention towards the regular maintenance of your garage door safety sensors.
Last but not least, you should think about seeking the assistance of a professional service provider in order to get the garage door safety sensors installed at home. That’s where Phoenix Express Garage Door can assist you with. The company has been able to maintain an excellent reputation throughout the past by helping people who are in need of professional garage door repair and sensor installation and repair sensors. Therefore, you can get in touch with them for all your needs without keeping any doubts in mind.
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An automated garage door can make your life simpler, while also keeping your belongings and your home safer. But often many people don’t hire a garage door service until it’s too late. It’s important to hire a Gilbert garage door repair service to keep machinery and equipment in well-functioning condition. If you live in Gilbert, our garage door services will keep everything functioning in optimal condition.


There is never a convenient time for the garage door to break down. It will often happen early in the morning, or when you need to be on time to an appointment or meeting. If you’re lucky, the manual function will raise up your door so you can drive your vehicle out, but then what do you do with the valuables in your garage? You’ll need to call our Gilbert garage door repair service to visit and fix your broken garage door.


The best way to prevent inconvenience is to regularly schedule garage door repair Gilbert services. Our technicians can visit once every six or twelve months to do a full maintenance check on the mechanics of your garage door opener. This is the time to replace any worn or broken parts. Once the garage door service is done, you’ll be able to rest easy for the next half of the year knowing that you won’t have to worry about your garage door working properly.


It’s also important to keep your belongings secure, and that means having a properly functioning garage door that closes properly, particularly when you’re away from home. Many thieves are opportunistic, so if they see you always leave your garage door open, because it doesn’t work properly and you haven’t been bothered to fix it, you may discover items slowly go missing.


A garage door is also a barrier for criminals getting into your home. Often they’ll sneak in through the garage, as it’s harder for them to be seen. If you haven’t been using your garage door for some time due to a malfunction, please give our Gilbert garage door repair service a call so you can secure your home properly.


A well-functioning garage door can also keep you safe in your car, and keep your car from being damaged too.


If you’re considering replacing your garage door, hire our garage door repair Gilbert services, as it’s important that it’s installed properly. Our technicians will ensure that your new garage door and mechanism works efficiently.


You should regularly check to see if your garage door is functioning properly. Often people can get into a blind mindset and not notice the small details surrounding them. But if your garage door is slowing down, bouncing, or getting stuck as it moves, it may be time to call our garage door services in Gilbert.


Call our Gilbert garage door repair services today. Book an appointment with our professional technicians. Soon you’ll be able to get back to a happy life, without that minor annoyance of your garage door not working properly.

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Garage doors are great when they work properly, but when they slow down or get stuck they can cause frustration. Most people don’t know that if you spend a small amount of garage door maintenance time on them, they will keep operating smoothly for years.

The average household use their garage door 8 times a day. Your garage door is the largest moving part of your house therefore it required a routine maintenance once a year.


Once of the best methods for maintaining a garage door is to lubricate it during regular intervals. This will keep its mechanics functioning smoothly so that you won’t have to do repairs as often, or potentially need to replace the entire garage door system more often than you should.


Here are the steps necessary for garage door lubrication.


1.   Purchase garage door lubricant. You can buy garage door lubricant that comes in a can and has a narrow spray straw nozzle so you can aim it directly at the spots that need to be lubed. It’s also quick-drying, and is designed to eliminate mess so you don’t have to worry about staining the floor or walls which would need to be cleaned up afterwards.

(Do NOT use DW40)

2. Find some old rags. These will be used to clean up any spills and drips that you find afterwards.

3. Use goggles. There is the chance that when you’re gazing upwards to oil the overhead parts that some oil could drop down into your eyes. Eliminate injuries by wearing protective eyewear.


4. Make preparations. Step inside your garage and close the door. Clean away any cobwebs, dirt, or leaves that are lying on your door hinges, springs, or other moving parts of the garage door mechanism. Grab a ladder to reach parts in the upper reaches of the garage rather than trying to strain your arms to reach higher.


5. Apply garage door lubricant . You’ll want to focus on the regions that have springs, rollers, and hinges. Basically, any part of the garage door mechanism that actually moves. Avoid oiling any parts that don’t actually move, such as the track.


6. Open the door and repeat. Get the regions that you couldn’t get to when the door was closed, including the rollers.

7. Open and close the doors. This allows the lubricant to seep into all moving parts.

8. Check the garage door function. If you previously had a garage door that seemed to slow down or catch in one spot or noisy spot, ensure that this problem has cleared up with your garage door lubrication.

9. Reapply lubricant. Reapply lubricant to any extra regions that need some extra help.

10. Clean up. This includes any drips or spills on the floor, walls, or door. You don’t want to have them splattering onto your vehicle.


If you’re already done your garage door maintenance but it’s still not in optimum working order, it may be time to call a Phoenix Express Darage Door repair service. A garage door repair service will be able to fix or replace any broken parts. It’s a cheaper alternative than having to replace your entire garage door system.  

Call Phoenix Express Garage Door 7 Days A Week 6AM-11PM 



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We take our automatic garage door opener for granted until the day that it doesn’t work. You may be stuck inside with your car inside, or you may have just arrived home and can’t get the garage door down. It always happens when you’re in rush. The good news is that you can manually open a garage door, without causing damage to it, or straining your muscles. All it takes is a bit of patience and knowledge to get the door open, until you can call Phoenix garage door repair service.


All garage door opener systems having a bypass switch for when the garage door breaks, the power goes out, or the remote control fails. Here are some steps to get you going.


1. Turn off your car and calm down.

2. Ensure that the garage door is clear of adults, children, and pets, as it may be unstable while you are working the emergency release handle.

3. Look around the mechanics of your garage door opening system. Look for center upper side of the door. You should see a red rope with a handle hanging down. This is a manual release handle that will disengage the trolley from the attachment point on the rail.

4. Pull on the rope. This will place the garage door opener into manual mode.

5. If the garage door has been stuck up, it might will come crashing down, in case your door is not balanced so watch out! , If it is down, it will help you to get it up.

6. If you feel that you’ll need to keep your garage door operation in manual mode for several days until you can get it fixed, when you pull down on the rope pull it towards the back of the garage. This ensures that it doesn’t get stuck on the track.

7. When your garage door is fully functioning again, you’ll want to pull down on the rope but do it towards the garage door. This will keep the lever from engaging the next time round. You then pull up on the garage door and it will snap back into place. You can also use the button on the remote opener and the track should move the spring attachment back into place.

8. Since there is little control for when the door is stuck up, it’s best to leave it this way, to avoid damaging the door as it can come crashing down in manual mode. You’ll also want to avoid any injuries which can occur if you close your door in manual mode repeatedly. If you have valuables in your garage, it may be best to move them outdoors for now.

9. If the rope lever doesn’t release the door, don’t keep on pulling on it. Call . Phoenix Express Garage Door repair service immediately. 480-744-9593

If your garage door isn’t operating properly, or the door appears askew, give Phoenix Express Garage Door repair service a call immediately. We know that this situation can be very frustrating so we work extended hours from 6 AM to 11 PM 7 days a week, Our trained skilled screened technicians will arrive quickly and will help you get your door back to normal.

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Your selection of garage doors should be taken into deep consideration. Even though the majority of people take this choice very lightly, but garage doors have a lot more to them than it seems.

When thinking of a garage door, you imagine a big red button you have to push for the garage door to open. But what if there was something easier and less time consuming? Like a keyless entry or multiple remotes which can be mounted outside your door and can be kept inside the car. Apart from this, there are multiple security features you omit when buying a cheap garage door. The garage door does not only protect your vehicle from damage and theft, but also secures many other tools, equipment and other items you might have stored in your garage. It also has an access to your home and this reason alone, is enough to make you invest in a good garage door opener. Here at phoenix express garage door we work only with the best – LiftMaster ® .

Buying a good garage door opener means never having to think about it once installed. LiftMaster® garage door opener can easily last 12 to 15 years with No noise, and seamless opening and closing are the only characteristics of a good opener. You can even opt for more advanced hardware to provide you with better security and keyless entries. We at Phoenix Express Garage Door provide a 5 year warranty parts and labor for all our LiftMaster® openers. So you know you have peace of mind for years to come.

The lift master garage door openers are more superior in quality and performance as compared to the others available in the market. Here are some of the factors which give lift master the upper hand in the market:

·     Reliable, simple and dependent:

Lift Master garage door opener is the most reliable opener in the market. You can count on this opener to do the job for years to come.

·     High quality performance

Most standard household choose to go with a 1/2 HP, lift Master garage door opener can do the same thing with 1/3 HP, providing more electric efficiency.

·     More control and optimization

Lift master provides you with all the control options you could need for your home by providing you with all sorts of additional accessories to improve and optimize your experience further. Such as a smart app you can use from your phone to open or close your garage door.

·     Better operation and high innovation

All the garage door openers provided by lift master have innovative and creative features along with top notch equipment which has not been surpassed yet. They make your life simpler, easier and more convenient so that you are able to live a hassle free and secure life.

So don’t waste money on other garage door openers when you can easily get Lift Master for extremely economical rates and much better quality.

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Through no fault of your own, your garage door spring may break. A Broken Spring is pretty common and it isn’t because they are faulty. As time goes on, they tend to get worn down just like a any thing else. The garage door is the largest moving parts of the house the average household use the garage 8 times a day. This means your spring gets quite a bit of use and can wear out quickly. Most garage door springs are meant to last for 10,000 cycles; a cycle consists of one time up and one time down. So this means if you are cycling your garage door 8 times every day, you would need to replace you spring in around 4 years. Basic math will let you know how long your spring should last.

Most people assume their spring should last for a certain amount of time but time doesn’t have much of a role in the breakdown of a spring. The only thing that results in a Broken Spring is the amount of use it sees. An interesting fact is that a garage door spring will not break when the garage door is up; it only breaks when the door is either fully closed or just about closed. If your door is unbalanced, you may see your spring break sooner because it has more tension on it.

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