Scottsdale Garage Door Repair Service

Scottsdale Garage Door Repair Service

Phoenix Express Garage Door Offers Same Day Service For Any  Garage Door Repair Related Issue.
Need garage door service in Scottsdale? Call NOW to schedule your appointment. $29 Trip Fee is waived with any purchase.
7 Days A Week 6AM-11PM | 480-744-9593
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5 Years Complete Warranty Policy ! 
Unlike all others, we guarantee our springs for five years! Your spring broke?! No worries! We will come back and replace it with NO charge as long as you own/rent the house.
Phoenix Express Garage Door, Provide experienced and affordable garage door repair services in Scottsdale. We specialize in both residential  garage door repair. Our Well-trained, screened skilled technicians are well known with Scottsdale houses and Can maintain and repair all brands in the market. We are fast, local, affordable and transparent.

We perform all of this services at the same day. 
  • Door Off Track Service
  • Garage Door Broken Spring Repair / Replace (all size available)
  • Garage Door Cable Repair / Replace 
  • Garage Door Opener Adjustment / Repair / Replace
  • Sensors Repair / Replace 
  • Drums / Rollers Repair / Replace  
  • Garage Door Tune-Up
If your garage door is off track or need some kind of repair, in the interest of your safety, do not attempt to move it or repair it yourself. Our professional, background checked  technicians are trained in handling these situations. Garage Door Springs and Cables are under extreme pressure. Garage Door related accidents have been known to cause serious injury and even death.
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Why Us?!

  • Customer Service: You are our priority and your satisfaction is our goal.
  • Custom Services:  We will customized the service to your needs not ours.
  • Same Day Service 
  • Low Prices of Top Brands.
  • Extended warranty for peace of mind.
  • Discounts : Save more with us
  • Emergency Service : Available 24/7, even on weekends and 
  • holidays

Our Specialty

We are locally owned and operated and we repair most of the garage doors in the Phoenix area. We repair or install any kind of garage door and opener. We also provide regular inspection and maintenance of the door so that they work efficiently and smoothly all year round. Our maintenance work includes lubrication, fine tuning and balancing of the garage door. All these services and products are offered at reasonable prices.

Emergency Service

  • Broken Springs & Cables : Tuning, replacement and repair
  • All Doors : Repair, inspection or parts replacement
  • Door Openers : Repair, inspection or parts replacement
  • Panels : Installation or replacement of door panels
  • Rollers / Tracks : Replacement of rollers or bent tracks
  • Opener Remote : Replacement of Non-functional remotes.
If you need repair or replacement, we offer you products from all of the top quality brands to meet all home styles and budgets. We mainly install LiftMaster garage door openers which are the acknowledged leader in the garage door opener industry. The newer doors that we offer are from Amarr, Clopay and 1st UDT Each of these brands is known for their top quality, and all parts are bought directly from qualified manufacturers.

Why Does a Spring Break?

Wear & Tear 

Wear and tear is the most common reason for spring to break, overtime as the door circle up and down the coils lose their strength to the point they cannot hold any more tension and just snap under the tension. The average garage doors been open and close about 8 times a day, staggering 3000 times a year ! Are high-quality/cycles Springs along with our professional installation can support up to 15,000 circles before they need to be replaced.

Rust Buildup 

Another common cause of the spring to break is Rust, luckily here in Phoenix, Arizona we do not have a lot of moisture that usually lead to the spring to break. Any spring that is located in high moisture area required high maintenance is to ensure the lifetime of the spring.

Poor Maintenance

All springs eventually break. It's just it is what it is that wherein there will do his part overtime, but with proper maintenance and safety check we can extend their lifetime on this for you Don’t wait for the last moment make sure to schedule your garage door inspection ahead of time to insure your garage door will keep working as it would. 
We Serve All Scottsdale ZIP Codes
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