Residential Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors

We have garage doors to fit any lifestyle and budget.

From practical builder’s grade to beautiful custom solid wood doors, we have what you’re looking for. The garage door is frequently one of the most prominent features on a home, and selecting the right garage door can dramatically improve your home’s market value. On most houses, the cost of replacing an outdated garage door is significantly less than the value it may add to your house. Phoenix Express Garage Doors customer care representatives are well versed on all available brands and models. We will answer any questions you have in order to make your decision easier.
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Your Door Need Some Love?  Call Phoenix Express Garage Door!

We perform every install with meticulous attention to detail.

Our installers have been specially trained to give you the highest quality installation in the business. Our garage door technicians are professionals. They arrive in the time frame and clean up when they are finished. We are committed to surpassing customer expectation through punctuality, proficiency, and professionalism. We can even dispose of the old door so you don’t have to bother with transporting old materials. We want your install to be fast, convenient, and free of worry. Manufacturer and in-house warranties back all products. You never have to worry about the quality of workmanship you receive from Phoenix Express Garage Doors.
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How do I decide?

Your decision should be based on your need for durability. If you use your door 3-4 times a day (an industry standard for two-car garages), then you need a midline to high end garage door. However, if your garage is used primarily for storage then a builder’s grade door may fit your requirements. If you are unsure of your needs, our skilled technicians can help you choose. Call today for a FREE In-Home Consultation to discuss the best way to bring your home’s beauty to life with a new garage door.

Sizes & Style

It’s best to match your garage door to the style of your home, so choose your garage door based on your home’s architectural features, materials, and color. In the past decade, homes have become extremely customizable, and garage doors have followed the same progression. Express your style. We stock all sizes and styles of garage doors. We also have aftermarket options like faux hinges, arched windows and handles to transform a standard door into a distinguished carriage-style presentation.
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