Garage Spring Repair

Garage Spring Repair

Spring Starting at $89

Phoenix Express Garage Door Offers Same Day Service For ANY Garage Door Spring Repair Related Issue.
Broken Garage Door  Spring? Call NOW to schedule your appointment. $29 Service call is waived with any purchase.
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5 Years Complete Warranty Policy ! 
Unlike all others, we guarantee our springs for five years! Your spring broke?! No worries! We will come back and replace it with NO charge as long as you own/rent the house.
Garage door repair reviews
AlChris Bitsui
I’m very SATISFIED, PLEASED and CONTENT with Jonathan professionalism and demeanor. Jonathan is very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Very reliable service, Jonathan completed the job in a timely manner, and took the time to educate me on ways to keep my garage in good long lasting condition.....Read More

Carlos Ronquillo
What do u do when your garage door stops working all of sudden. First you panic, then I called Phoenix Express Garage Door. Johnny did a great job, he first came down to our house after moving some appointments around, then he got our garage door shut for the night, ...Read More

Crissy Tilivala
Prompt service for a Saturday emergency. Jonathan found another problem which was a major saftey issue (that another garage door company did) and corrected it. Awesome service. Highly recommend this company. Happy the door is fixed and quietly rolls up with ease....Read More

Will Pereira
Good quick and friendly service. Was available within 30 mins of calling Jonathan on one Sunday. Appreciate the fast service and good advise. That's how you win customers. Would highly recommend....Read More

Need Garage Door Spring repair?

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Why Does a Spring Break?

Rust Buildup 

Another common cause of the spring break is rust, luckily here in Phoenix, Arizona, we do not have a lot of moisture that usually leads to the spring break. Any spring that is located in high humidity area requires high maintenance to ensure a prolonged lifetime of the spring.

Wear & Tear 

Wear and tear is the most common reason for garage door spring break. Over time, as the door circle up and down, the coils lose their strength to the point they cannot hold any more tension and just snap under the tension. An average garage door opens and closes about 8 times a day, staggering 3000 times a year! Our high-quality/cycles springs along with our professional installation can support up to 15,000 circles before they need to be replaced.

Poor Maintenance

All springs eventually break. It is practically inevitable. However, with proper maintenance and safety check, we can extend their lifetime on this for you. Don't wait for the last moment, make sure to schedule your garage door inspection ahead of time to ensure your garage door keep working as it should.
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Types of springs

There are two types of springs for garage doors – torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs work by torsion or twisting. They store mechanical energy when twisted. We use special instruments to wind the coils of the spring, which then applies torque to the center shaft, a metal tube located directly above the center of the garage door. At each end of the center shaft is a set of cable drums. Cables on the drums are attached to the bottom bracket of the garage door. As the center shaft spins, cables wind and unwind on the cable drum to lift and lower the door. 

Extension springs stretch above and parallel to the horizontal tracks of the garage door. Extension springs are also attached to cables that are anchored to the bottom bracket of the garage door. Instead of winding as torsion spring does, these springs apply resistive force as the spring stretches. Springs extend as the door closes, storing mechanical energy used to open the door. Each spring along the tracks work independently of each other to balance the weight of the garage door. If the two springs become unbalanced, the door will open unevenly or wobble and cause destructive wear and tear on the other moving parts.
Garage door broken spring? Call us today to schedule your service.
$29 Trip Fee is waived with any purchase.
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