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Broken Torsion Springs Repair

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5 Years Complete Warranty Policy ! 
Unlike all others, we guarantee our springs for five years! Your spring broke?! No worries! We will come back and replace it with NO charge as long as you own/rent the house.

Why Does a Spring Break?

Rust Buildup 

Another common cause of the spring to break is Rust, luckily here in Phoenix, Arizona we do not have a lot of moisture that usually lead to the spring to break. Any spring that is located in high moisture area required high maintenance is to ensure the lifetime of the spring.

Wear & Tear 

Wear and tear is the most common reason for garage door spring to break, overtime as the door circle up and down the coils lose their strength to the point they cannot hold any more tension and just snap under the tension. The average garage doors been open and close about 8 times a day, staggering 3000 times a year ! Are high-quality/cycles Springs along with our professional installation can support up to 15,000 circles before they need to be replaced.

Poor Maintenance

All springs eventually break. It's just it is what it is that wherein there will do his part overtime, but with proper maintenance and safety check we can extend their lifetime on this for you Don’t wait for the last moment make sure to schedule your garage door inspection ahead of time to insure your garage door will keep working as it would. 
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Types of springs

There are two types of springs for garage doors – torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs work by torsion, or twisting. They store mechanical energy when twisted. We use special instruments to wind the coils of the spring, which then applies torque to the center shaft, a metal tube located directly above the center of the garage door. At each end of the center shaft is a set of cable drums. Cables on the drums attach to the bottom bracket of the garage door. As the center shaft spins, cables wind and unwind on the cable drum to lift and lower the door.Extension springsstretch above and parallel to the horizontal tracks for the garage door. Extension springs are also attached to cables that are anchored to the bottom bracket of the garage door. Instead of winding as a torsion spring does, these springs apply resistive force as the spring stretches. Springs extend as the door closes, storing mechanical energy used to open the door. Each spring along the tracks work independently of each other to balance the weight of the garage door. If the two springs become unbalanced, the door will open unevenly or wobble and cause destructive wear and tear on the other moving parts.
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Garage door broken spring? Call us today to schedule your service.
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Broken Torsion Springs Repair

Majority of us take for granted our garage doors, which have a crucial function whenever we open or close the door of our garage. We don’t pay attention when the garage door makes a metal creaking sound after it is opened and closed to allow passage for our vehicles. A malfunctioning or broken torsion spring usually gets a lot of people confused. Owing to the important nature of this spring in ensuring our garage doors keep operating normally regardless of the frequency of using it in a day; it is crucial to gain understanding on its mode of operation.     

Importance of a Torsion Spring

Before we look at the function of a torsion spring, it is necessary to first define it. A torsion spring can be defined as a counter-balance system that makes use of 1 or 2 springs tightly wound together. There are cable drums at the two ends of these springs, which can be found on a steel shaft. The system is horizontally positioned on the header wall located above the door of your garage. There is a 3-pronged support framework in the torsion spring, which has 2 end-bearing as well as center plates at the 2 ends. The function of the torsion spring is to assist the door of your garage raise as well as lower. There is a stationary cone in the 2 or 3 springs as well as a winding cone situated at the opposite area. When the door to your garage is raised, these springs unwind so as to release tension that has been stored in them. The accumulated tension is actually responsible for lifting the door by turning the steel shaft of the torsion spring, which consequently turns the cable drums of the door of the garage. When this garage door is lowered, the cables get unfolded from the cable drums; the torsion springs then regain their full-tension mode.
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One of the essential components of our residential home is garage door. Regardless of your location, a garage door spec varies from one person to another based on the need as well as the level of humidity in the area they live in. However, generally speaking, garage doors have identical functions, which include safeguarding your property from corrosion brought about by natural causes, adding value to your property and offering a stronger layer of security for your house. Owing to these benefits of garage doors, their demand from homeowners is on the increase.

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You may be wondering, why did my garage door come off track, what are the reasons for the malfunction of my garage door? why is my garage door not opening as it should? and why all the noise when I try to open or close my garage door. There are some reasons why your garage door is faulty and off track , it might be worn out rollers, a huge impact to the back or front of the garage door, an obstruction in the railing or a broken cable which is caused by wear and tear after a long time of being operational.
Garage doors live a simple life really, up, down, up, down, over and over again till they just can't take it anymore and they stop working like they used to. When your garage door is off track you need to exercise some cautions around it, don't allow kids or pets around it until it gets fixed, don't try to force it open or close, what you need is a garage door service, garage door repair and also you need to know a garage door repair near you.
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How to maintain a garage door? 

Maintenance of garage doors is particularly popular with garage owners, as they convince with their versatile use and attractive appearance. So that you can enjoy the characteristics of your garage door for a very long time, you should regularly clean, maintain and maintain your sectional door. So you promote the longevity of the gate and get the entire system. We have summarized a few tips that you should take into consideration. For the correct care and maintenance, the respective series and the condition of the door should always be observed. Tempe garage door repair is very well experienced in garage door repairing.

But not only has that depended on a good maintenance. There are several factors to consider, such as the type of door, the type of material, the weather, the existence or not of certain insects, etc. All this is not an obstacle to try to synthesize and give some general guidelines for the conservation of your garage doors.

We enclose some important, and great tips explain in detail in the following section.

- Lub the door every six months:

Lubrication is required. Make sure that the door does not grind and check all friction systems such as hinges lock and latch to avoid wear and noise problems. The key parts to grease are the above and those areas where the engine and the door turn. Thus, they will remain greased and will not dry in excess by going the softer mechanisms.

The greasing points are those where the engine and the door turn, sliding doors would try to engage the pinion, the upper rollers, and the wheels. For hinged doors grease the hinges, the 2 engine catches, the lock and the latch if it had. Never remove a motor to grease its interior, grease inside and do not enter the dirt; As long as you have to dismantle the engine for any reason, we advise you to speak with a specialist. Tempe garage door repair has all the solution related to garage doors maintenance.

- Check the state of the doors:

With the passage of time the springs can become dirty and rust. Also with the use, they have to lose force, and when they exceed their useful life, they can be broken. To avoid these problems, it is necessary to clean and lubricate them. In addition, it is very important to check the tension of these and if necessary adjust it and especially check that the anti-break system spring works properly. In addition, the ideal thing is to check the maneuvers that the door carries in the engine in order to preventively replace the springs before they reach the end of their useful life.

If your garage has folding doors, garbage can accumulate in the lower part where the hinges are located and the door may not close properly. In the tilting doors, it is necessary to ensure that when we pour oil to grease does not produce the opposite effect and rather than grease what it produces are jam and hardness. Tempe garage door repair is offering the finest services.

- Avoid water and moisture:

Especially, if the control panel is leaning against the wall, In this case, it is necessary to ensure that no water enters the cables or the holes that hold it with screws. Tempe garage door Repair has an expert team for garage door repairing.

- Check Insects and Rodents:

Insects and small animals like lizards, mice, can penetrate into the box looking for the heat generated by the current transformer that these carry. This is often the case with sliding door motors that are placed on the floor and many times the installation has left the cable entry below free.

- Monitor the electrical plate- It should be fixed on it to see if the relays work or are some deteriorated by the use:

While the engine is running, it will check that the switch and its components are not blown. Also, we cannot forget the springs, and we have to observe that these are not oxidized. The best procedure to treat them is that a specialized technician applies oil on them and checks their tension.

- Coatings for protection against environmental influences:

From time to time, you should equip your garage door with a new protective coating. On the one hand, this provides protection against severe environmental pollution, such as a salt-bearing sea climate or changes in air stress, and secondly, small damage to the paint is compensated. And if you are looking for a change of scenery, then you can paint your goal in this color with a different color. Usually, sectional doors are provided with a polyester base coating, which can be simply painted over with a protective coating.

If you take these tips to heart and do the maintenance on a regular basis, you will be able to enjoy your garage and the sectional door for many years. Tempe garage door repair provides the best repairing service.

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